US - the market you can't ignore

Why J.P. Morgan?

  • With over 60 investment professionals covering US equities, we are in a strong position to gain an information advantage, even when assessing the US market's largest - and therefore most analysed - companies.
  • We manage over US$150 billion in US equity assets for clients worldwide - making us one of the largest US equity managers in the world (31 December 2006).
  • We offer an extremely broad range of US equity strategies, including core, specialist, growth and value.

The US is both the world's biggest economy and has by far the largest stock market by capitalisation. So it's an essential component of any portfolio that's looking for global exposure.

Best known for some of the world's biggest companies, the US is also home to many dynamic smaller companies in sectors such as IT and biotechnology. With a business environment built to encourage enterprise, the US still has the power to surprise.

Why invest in the US?

  • The world's largest stock market and home to many of the world's largest players in almost every market sector.
  • More than any other market, US companies are structured to prioritise shareholders' needs.
  • US investors maintain high levels of equity investment, providing strong support for share prices.