Europe - rich opportunities close to home

Europe offers a diversity of investment opportunity – from large and established markets such as Germany, France and the UK to smaller markets such as Greece and Portugal.

Although the euro has introduced some economic alignment, Europe’s markets still experience varied rates of growth, giving our fund managers extensive investment opportunities.

With leading names in technology, banking and pharmaceuticals, we believe Europe may be an essential part of any investor’s portfolio.

Why invest in Europe?

  • Europe is undergoing exciting transformation with the enlargement of the European Union and the continued impact of the single currency.
  • Many established European companies are restructuring and becoming more competitive, with a greater focus on delivering value for shareholders.
  • Europeans are turning to stock markets to fund their retirement, which is providing increased support for share prices.
  • As a European, investing in Europe carries little currency risk.

Why J.P. Morgan?

  • We have over a 130 years’ experience investing in Europe and employ over 30 investment professionals across the region.
  • We offer a range of investment approaches, including our highly respected behavioural finance approach which looks to capture the best growth and the best value stocks across Europe to achieve a high level of performance consistency.
  • Our strategies cover broad-based ‘core’ funds to build the heart of your strategy, higher risk 'dynamic' funds, and specialist smaller company and sector funds to enhance growth potential.