Emerging Markets

Why J.P. Morgan?

  • Our Emerging Markets Equity Team comprises over 40 investment professionals based in local markets throughout the world.
  • Highly-disciplined process to seek out high-quality companies trading at attractive valuations.
  • Our local expertise and the size of our investment team allows us to offer not only global emerging markets funds, but also regional and single market portfolios focussing on Emerging Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Russia.

The world's young developing markets may be high risk but they are prized for being able to offer rates of growth unattainable in more mature markets.

Covering South America, Eastern Europe, parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, investment in emerging markets can give you exposure to sectors not widely covered elsewhere such as oil and mining.

And thanks to the painful restructuring many emerging economies have undergone since the Asian crisis of the late 1990s, we believe many markets are far less vulnerable than they were to chronic budget deficits and inflexible economic policies.

Why invest in Emerging markets?

  • Can experience much higher rates of growth than mature, developed markets.
  • Chief beneficiaries of strength in commodity markets such as oil and base and precious metals.
  • Can offer low correlation with developed markets, making them a good means of diversifying risk.