Asia-Pacific - markets on the move

Why invest in Asia?

  • Many markets are still developing and therefore still offer high levels of growth potential compared to developed western markets.
  • Offers strong growth both in export markets and domestically-oriented sectors such as banking, property and retail.
  • Markets are highly inefficient and company information is relatively poor, providing extensive opportunities for on-the-ground investment professionals to uncover undervalued stocks.
  • Supported by huge export market to China.

Asia-Pacific covers a huge variety of markets, from commodity-rich Australia to the technology-focused markets of Korea and Taiwan, to Hong Kong and China.

By investing in Asia-Pacific you are investing in the 'workshop of the world' - the markets that generate most of the goods used by the rest of the world. But as they develop and become more industrialised these markets are also enjoying stronger intra-regional trade.

And by becoming less reliant on demand from western economies for their success, these markets can offer an important source of diversification in your investment portfolio, as well as superior growth potential.