Bond Funds

Worldwide expertise brings profits home

We are one of the world leaders in fixed income – and in fact, fixed income is the largest part of our asset management business representing $496.4bn worldwide of AUM. 

All our fixed income funds are managed by our International Fixed Income Group using a globally-applied process which focuses on three sources of investment return: interest rates, credit and currency.

We cover the full range of fixed-income opportunities ranging from low risk, low return liquidity strategies to higher risk, higher return high-yield and emerging markets, including government and investment grade corporate bonds.

The process uses fundamental analysis, quantitative models and qualitative inputs to forecast performance in the world's major bond markets. These forecasts are then formulated in duration, country and yield-curve strategies, which dictate the positioning within our portfolios.

Bond funds are often used to diversify a portfolio or as an alternative when equity markets may look unattractive.

And as our bond funds make the most of worldwide expertise that few can match, insight we’ve picked up in the US, for example, can also help our clients in Europe prosper.