Pick a world leading and award-winning equity manager

J.P. Morgan Asset Management is one of the five largest asset managers in the world (Source: Global Investor Top 100 Largest Asset Managers 2007). As at 30 June 2007, assets under management stand at US$1.1trillion - a reflection of the high regard in which we are held by investors across the world.

We manage assets on behalf of a broad range of private and institutional investors. Private investors primarily access our expertise through pooled funds, including a range of Luxembourg-domiciled SICAVs. In total our equities under management amount to $379.3billion (source: JPMAM as at 30 June 2007).

Our equity teams have built a formidable reputation for consistent out performance using its ‘behavioural finance’ approach which seeks out stocks with specific ‘growth’ and ‘value’ characteristics. The investment process is built on team-based decision-making, which ensures continuity of process and performance. And this reputation is recognised by the number of awards that have been won.

We have developed proven, transparent and disciplined investment processes to manage our investment funds, which rely strictly on team-based research, stock picking, portfolio construction and risk management. While making full use of the individual strengths and insights of our investment professionals - and expecting full accountability from our named fund managers - we look to team-based management to ensure consistency of investment style at all times.

All our equity strategies are actively managed using disciplined and transparent processes.

In order to exploit different market characteristics and anomalies, we maintain three key equity processes. These can be summarised as follows:

  • Behavioural finance process
    A process based on systematic investment in stocks with specific growth and value characteristics, which are associated with long term out performance and that, are created by investor psychological biases.
  • Research driven process
    A research-driven, theoretically sound and evidence based investment process which is based on bottom-up analysis of companies and their future earnings and cash-flows by specialist sector analysts.
  • Manager driven process
    An investment process which involves rigorous stock-specific analysis based on proprietary research carried out by our locally-based analysts.