Europe’s world class companies provide compelling investment opportunities

Investors are looking again at Europe. European stock markets have produced strong gains over the last three years and, despite recent volatility, European economies continue to restructure and recover. Although economic growth has so far been disappointing, falling oil prices and policy action from the European Central Bank should help to support the regional recovery.

Economic sentiment is recovering across Europe

The European economic backdrop may be challenging, but Europe is home to some of the world’s leading companies, operating in a wide range of industries and sectors. Europe’s corporate sector is well placed to generate future profits growth once the regional economy picks up, having cut costs and reduced debts in recent years. And with a significant proportion of their profits generated overseas, European companies continue to benefit from the ongoing economic recovery in the US and emerging markets. Furthermore, European share price valuations remain attractive compared to bonds, with dividend yields currently much higher than the income payments available from the European government and corporate bond markets. Share prices also look reasonable compared to forecasts for company profits. Therefore, although volatility may continue in the short term, Europe continues to provide compelling growth opportunities for long-term investors.

An innovative manager with a proven track record

Our European Equity Group has a track record of excellence across its broad product range, with 13 funds ranked in the top quartile over all key time periods1. The strength of this performance record is testament to the expertise and stability of our team of investment professionals, who average 14 years of experience2.

We are at the forefront of innovation in active management, offering funds across the spectrum, from enhanced index, to traditional long-only to active extension. As a result, we are confident that we can provide you with the right solution for your needs.

Quarterly Perspectives

Quarterly Perspectives uses charts and graphs from guide to the markets to illustrate current market themes. It provides a springboard for discussions with clients, synthesising what is happening in the markets into an insightful story.

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1 Key time periods are one, three and five years Source: Morningstar as of 31 December 2014. Morningstar Rankings/Universe and Morningstar Quartile: © Morningstar. All Rights Reserved.
2 As at 31 December 2014

Funds positioned to capitalise on the current environment

JPMorgan Funds – Europe Dynamic Fund

The Europe Dynamic Fund employs a flexible best ideas approach to seek out the most attractive opportunities to be found on Europe’s stock markets. The fund’s focus on our best stock ideas allows it to tap into Europe’s corporate strength and pursue opportunities across region, including in the UK.

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JPMorgan Funds – Europe Strategic Dividend Fund

The Europe Strategic Dividend Fund allows investors to pursue dividend style returns from European equities. The fund benefits from our extensive investment expertise in Europe, seeking out the most attractive high dividend yielding stocks to help investors generate attractive long-term returns.

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JPMorgan Funds – Euroland Dynamic Fund

Eurozone companies, countries and sectors are recovering at different rates, making stock selection more important than ever. The Euroland Dynamic Fund applies our highly selective Dynamic approach so that investors have access to only our best ideas from across the single currency bloc.

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