Japan – a market for a new century

After two difficult decades, Japan has begun to emerge as a leaner, sleeker economy. The government has managed to put a brake on deflation; companies are adopting western-style management; and years of investment into research and development have put Japan at the forefront of the technology sector.

Nonetheless, this is still a challenging market particularly for foreign investors. Therefore professional stock-picking expertise and local knowledge is essential to identify stocks that are least likely to be held back by any lingering problems in the domestic economy.

Why invest in Japan?

  • World leader in sectors such as autos and technology, which continue to enjoy strong export demand.
  • Chief beneficiary of growth in China.
  • Tends to show relatively low correlation with US and European stock markets, so offers a valuable form of diversification.

Why J.P. Morgan?

  • J.P. Morgan is one of the largest and longest-established asset managers in Japan with over 30 years’ on-the-ground experience.
  • Our investment process has been specifically developed to exploit inefficiencies in the Japanese stock market.
  • We conduct extensive on-the-ground research to ascertain investment opportunities – typically including over 2,000 company visits a year.