Investment Products

Detailed information about our Investment Products


The formidable capabilities of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’ Equity teams can get you the results you need. Find out about our proven 'best of breed' processes – and how we exploit opportunities others don't.

Bond Funds

Find out how we are a world leader in fixed income and what that could mean for you. Learn about the opportunities and the strategies – from low risk to higher return.

The best of both worlds - our balanced funds

Our balanced funds combine stock and bond components in a single portfolio. Generally, these hybrid funds stick to a relatively fixed mix of stocks and bonds that reflect either a moderate (higher equity component) or conservative (higher fixed-income component) orientation – wherever the best potential lies.

Total Return Funds

Our total and absolute return range is extensive – from low risk relative-value strategies at the bottom of the scale to unconstrained fund. Find out how they chase the best opportunities – be it bonds, cash, convertibles or equities.

Liquidity Funds

Investing with J.P. Morgan Global Liquidity means partnering with the most respected name in institutional financial services. It means working with the world's leading global liquidity manager. It means placing your trust in a company that puts relationships and client interests first.